Do you believe
You can achieve
Fervor for vitality?
Your alternate reality?

When man speaks to you
Do you see more
Than a thrust?

If man breaks you
Can you preserve yourself
And keep trust?

She prays to cease
I once prayed to cease
I had to break away
As much as it’s real
We can easily
Go astray

I’ve had a plan
Yet I could revive you
With my stand
Lovers drain bolts
You secured my jolts

Then you silenced me
My voice was lost
Somewhere in your heart
Your lover broke thee
But you were freed by
By yours and my art

You were nearly deceased
I was praying to cease
We had to break away
I’ll know what’s real
Without me,
You’re somehow astray

I’ll photo pearly gates
When bits of me die with you
It can be unspoken, all you take
As the world makes death
So true

Angels like the one you herald
Could never love you
Like I do

I never slept in your castle
But you cradled me
As your reborn truth

I shall cease
We’ve all ceased
You broke away with me
Very little rationalizes
As reality
As your fervor hits me.


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