Winded By Soul

I’m strong willed,
Certifiably ill
Illness leads needs
To be rotten seeds

So I retrieved control
Of who feeds on my soul
No more makers
Whom are only takers
I pick my season,
Like picking the shaker

Living willingly
Takes passion of me
Giving openly
Means caution of me

I’m in a space
I’m prepared
Stitches have been laced
I have smiles to wear

Being reflective
Grasping how to live
Never lose a second
Some souls
Are heavenly seasoned

I collect control
How one enters my soul
Being kindred
Won’t mean abandonment
I know healed covenants

Living willfully
With easy passion of me
Loving givingly
A stranger’s subtlety

I’m in a place
Sick but I see through
The universe and space
And sort it through

Pacing the ward’s halls
Schizo’s wheel themselves
Past me

I thought of loveless walls
They can’t take my view
Of the last tree

I was called a magnet today,
Deemed intrinsically valuable
Some live storms away
Drowning beneath my sails
Winded by soul

Living willingly
Infinitely passionately
Open organically
To smiles before me

I’m in a state
I’ve learnt boundaries
But no one can fade
My everyday reveries.


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