Strong One

I had the strength
And you regained
Your lost might
In your dream
You are tamed

I have been free
I dazzle you
But bitterly
It took you
To show me

You called me
The strong one
After zillions sets of suns
After abused sons
I rediscovered
I’m the strong one

Your days became poetry
Each oasis had promises
You ended the line
About me
With more of an end
Than a kiss

But I have strength
And I am free
I know your rain
Our cloud clears

You said
I’m the strong one
Blinded by the sun
Lost like released a son
I survived you
As the strong one

I’d be strong enough
To kiss you goodbye
To honor your love
Without leaving darkness
Of vanished butterflies

I’m strong enough to see
We’ll forever be one
You fled more bitterly
Than bittersweetly
Still, I’d show you
You’re untamed,
a strong son

I’m here
To say you’re a strong one
Like a zenith of suns
Once an abused son
Still you swallow sorrow daily
As a strong one.


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