Unguided Gentlemen 

“Unguided Gentlemen”

Landing within callous hands
Of unguided gentlemen
Lost my heart in my hands
Once like such a gem

Ran across state borders
Defied a lost man’s orders
Depleted of everything
That was my beginning

I loved him wholeheartedly
Ignored actions too unsafe
He was unstable understandably
So life together we made
Why wonder so tearfully?
Why that life failed me?

I gazed ahead fearfully
Feared even God sold me
One I never dreamt
Would set me free
Tinged life as though God
Abandoned me

A gentleman was versatile
Mom, Dad and a cradle
emotionally deprived
I needed to touch
His pasty white

I loved him overtly
Ignored words too unsafe
He would freeze understandably

Frost held such rich taste
He showed me my rage
I instilled his free emotion
But I felt off his page
And scared him

Like the ocean
I am afloat
Praying for my boat
That no hurt gentleman
Could sink
with senseless hands

Like the moon’s glow
I’m never in the shallow
This is life
Aboard lone tides
I loved memorably
All these men guiding me
We’re lost understandably
With loss
no longer hiding me

I will unveil myself
As I always become more
I don’t want to be shelved
Like time erased on shore.


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