“Subtle Smile”

Subtle smile
of a manchild
Let’s be pure
for awhile

Suns set
Manboys prepare to rest
on the Earth,
like boys we neglect

I look into you
You look into me

You pass me by
I feel you pass me

Is it our mission
To get beyond submission
to be the rendition
of a God’s transformation?

Boy becomes man
when peaceful doves land
without being assured,
as sure as Mother’s hand

I see you
You see me

We pass the other by
And I feel you pass me

“Our Ever Elusive Truths”

Will I be immortalized

For love that grew you?

Would they be memorized,

Our ever elusive truths?

Would you let me die

Without reminding me

How you treasure you and I

Our togetherness in reality?

Would you remember me

As one true love?

Or just love you fleetingly

Almost made more meaning of?

I’ve materialized

You’ll always live on in me

Bodies fail to try

But you’re forever beside me

Would you let me die

Without telling me

We shared enough to let you fly

Though you flew from me?

Would you think of me

As one rare love

Or love you fleetingly

Gave thought without depth of?

You hate goodbyes

But never return

Don’t let me fly

Without sentiment returned

I’ll say Goodbye

Flesh and bones don’t return

Look into my eyes

Wipe them the last time they burn

Always still love me

Like you said you loved me

Or love me fleetingly

With love

Without much to speak of?


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