Do you believe
You can achieve
Fervor for vitality?
Your alternate reality?

When man speaks to you
Do you see more
Than a thrust?

If man breaks you
Can you preserve yourself
And keep trust?

She prays to cease
I once prayed to cease
I had to break away
As much as it’s real
We can easily
Go astray

I’ve had a plan
Yet I could revive you
With my stand
Lovers drain bolts
You secured my jolts

Then you silenced me
My voice was lost
Somewhere in your heart
Your lover broke thee
But you were freed by
By yours and my art

You were nearly deceased
I was praying to cease
We had to break away
I’ll know what’s real
Without me,
You’re somehow astray

I’ll photo pearly gates
When bits of me die with you
It can be unspoken, all you take
As the world makes death
So true

Angels like the one you herald
Could never love you
Like I do

I never slept in your castle
But you cradled me
As your reborn truth

I shall cease
We’ve all ceased
You broke away with me
Very little rationalizes
As reality
As your fervor hits me.


Strong One

I had the strength
And you regained
Your lost might
In your dream
You are tamed

I have been free
I dazzle you
But bitterly
It took you
To show me

You called me
The strong one
After zillions sets of suns
After abused sons
I rediscovered
I’m the strong one

Your days became poetry
Each oasis had promises
You ended the line
About me
With more of an end
Than a kiss

But I have strength
And I am free
I know your rain
Our cloud clears

You said
I’m the strong one
Blinded by the sun
Lost like released a son
I survived you
As the strong one

I’d be strong enough
To kiss you goodbye
To honor your love
Without leaving darkness
Of vanished butterflies

I’m strong enough to see
We’ll forever be one
You fled more bitterly
Than bittersweetly
Still, I’d show you
You’re untamed,
a strong son

I’m here
To say you’re a strong one
Like a zenith of suns
Once an abused son
Still you swallow sorrow daily
As a strong one.

Winded By Soul

I’m strong willed,
Certifiably ill
Illness leads needs
To be rotten seeds

So I retrieved control
Of who feeds on my soul
No more makers
Whom are only takers
I pick my season,
Like picking the shaker

Living willingly
Takes passion of me
Giving openly
Means caution of me

I’m in a space
I’m prepared
Stitches have been laced
I have smiles to wear

Being reflective
Grasping how to live
Never lose a second
Some souls
Are heavenly seasoned

I collect control
How one enters my soul
Being kindred
Won’t mean abandonment
I know healed covenants

Living willfully
With easy passion of me
Loving givingly
A stranger’s subtlety

I’m in a place
Sick but I see through
The universe and space
And sort it through

Pacing the ward’s halls
Schizo’s wheel themselves
Past me

I thought of loveless walls
They can’t take my view
Of the last tree

I was called a magnet today,
Deemed intrinsically valuable
Some live storms away
Drowning beneath my sails
Winded by soul

Living willingly
Infinitely passionately
Open organically
To smiles before me

I’m in a state
I’ve learnt boundaries
But no one can fade
My everyday reveries.


“Subtle Smile”

Subtle smile
of a manchild
Let’s be pure
for awhile

Suns set
Manboys prepare to rest
on the Earth,
like boys we neglect

I look into you
You look into me

You pass me by
I feel you pass me

Is it our mission
To get beyond submission
to be the rendition
of a God’s transformation?

Boy becomes man
when peaceful doves land
without being assured,
as sure as Mother’s hand

I see you
You see me

We pass the other by
And I feel you pass me

“Our Ever Elusive Truths”

Will I be immortalized

For love that grew you?

Would they be memorized,

Our ever elusive truths?

Would you let me die

Without reminding me

How you treasure you and I

Our togetherness in reality?

Would you remember me

As one true love?

Or just love you fleetingly

Almost made more meaning of?

I’ve materialized

You’ll always live on in me

Bodies fail to try

But you’re forever beside me

Would you let me die

Without telling me

We shared enough to let you fly

Though you flew from me?

Would you think of me

As one rare love

Or love you fleetingly

Gave thought without depth of?

You hate goodbyes

But never return

Don’t let me fly

Without sentiment returned

I’ll say Goodbye

Flesh and bones don’t return

Look into my eyes

Wipe them the last time they burn

Always still love me

Like you said you loved me

Or love me fleetingly

With love

Without much to speak of?

Unguided Gentlemen 

“Unguided Gentlemen”

Landing within callous hands
Of unguided gentlemen
Lost my heart in my hands
Once like such a gem

Ran across state borders
Defied a lost man’s orders
Depleted of everything
That was my beginning

I loved him wholeheartedly
Ignored actions too unsafe
He was unstable understandably
So life together we made
Why wonder so tearfully?
Why that life failed me?

I gazed ahead fearfully
Feared even God sold me
One I never dreamt
Would set me free
Tinged life as though God
Abandoned me

A gentleman was versatile
Mom, Dad and a cradle
emotionally deprived
I needed to touch
His pasty white

I loved him overtly
Ignored words too unsafe
He would freeze understandably

Frost held such rich taste
He showed me my rage
I instilled his free emotion
But I felt off his page
And scared him

Like the ocean
I am afloat
Praying for my boat
That no hurt gentleman
Could sink
with senseless hands

Like the moon’s glow
I’m never in the shallow
This is life
Aboard lone tides
I loved memorably
All these men guiding me
We’re lost understandably
With loss
no longer hiding me

I will unveil myself
As I always become more
I don’t want to be shelved
Like time erased on shore.

Rhymes Of A Firefly

“True Firefly”

You can lose fire
In unrequited desire
Like magic stardust
Your spark kept it’s trust
In the night never tired

Amazingly always inspired
Waned by lust
But lit just because
I’m a firefly

Once melted in light
Lost in a maze
Languished haze
Take a net to midnight
I’d get away as a firefly
I lit you up good

More than a boy should
You devoured my fire
You’re a little higher
Wildfires go crazy
As they should
You scurried home
Like you would

When twilight
Is it’s own igniter
I will live up
To my dark fire
A fiery firefly

I can hurricane a high
Mazes are no brainers
I don’t believe you’re saner
Darkness is clearer
To my wild eye
Because I’m a firefly

Fire I wing

Manic musical degrees
I’m not sick
I spark my own melodies

Rhymes of a firefly
Affirm a blazing side
Empowered by my fire
Even when uninspire
But the harmonic moonligh
Sang I’m a true firefly.

“Lone Sons (of Queen Mom and Prince Eric)”
Anxiety from your wing
Underneath was fitting
You knew what
I don’t know
If you tyrannically let go

More than a caretaker
You made dreamcatchers liars
You have somewhere to go
I’m lost down below

I was held close
Under your wing
I got too close
Buried like rings

When breezes flow
Do you see me
Out of the know
Of how lost I’d be?

You’ve volumes of words
Like Cinderella had her birds
I’ve an overblown ego
When you play hero

You’ve always had liberty
I go way back
with dependency
You know if you go
My endless tears follow

You gave me life
With your strong wing
You took a knife
To a weakling
Weak to your eyes
Just shadowing
I can’t disguise
Death without wings

I always sought assurance
You wouldn’t fail insurance
Now I fail myself
Knowing you’re all I felt

I’ll hide if they’re unlike you
Your wing kept Heaven true
I’d rather be dust shelved
Than to feel your wing melt

Our love was one
Pulsing your wing
Eclipsed like Suns
You sold love’s ring
Streets buy lone sons
Without loving
My love felt won
Till my crashing.

“Too Easy”

It’s too easy
To cut me loose
Your heart was too lazy
To think before you choose

I guess I think of myself
Like you don’t bring tears
There’s no more you felt
Aside from adolescent fears

I don’t need to smile
When I reminisce of us
There’s many a surviving child
With leaders we can’t trust
I don’t know peace anyway
I know unanswered wonders
But I have to face toda
Can I clear your thunder?

Was I too easy
To convince of forever?
Did I obsess on peace lilies
And think I’d be treasured?
I guess I feel too much

I may be more human
Than you
I felt too much of your touch
That I didn’t kno
You’re untrue

I don’t need ground
To hold up my stand
I float like my mind’s sounds
You don’t need to understand
My roots toxified me anyway
You plucked poison
Just made me a lost cause
Petals are ripping away
Nobody showers me
I need waterfalls

You so easily
Came alive
When you drank my light

You so easily
Ran from me
When you made me scream

In the night
But I’ve healed
In the sense of exhaust
I accept you’re gone
To leave me to be lost

I may find a way
But gems survive
Always at a cost
I don’t need joy
I wouldn’t know it before me
You were a fragmented boy
With a spiraling mommy

My mommy
Is a hurting girl
Nobody opened
Like a peace Lilly

I could die hurting
In this world
The way you drank me
Makes death so easily.