Saying Goodbye

You tasted
Like a happy pill
That gave me
An adverse reaction

What you told me
Stole my will
I felt
A spiritual subtraction

But tunes I just heard
in a nuthouse
Were like melodious birds
Like those you stifled
In my mouth

Saying Goodbye
To those on the crazy side
Almost made me cry

Letting you go
After what I just realized

Only baffles me
For wading in your tides

You disenchanted me
To an asylum
After you forsook me
Stripping my safety

But I own I let you
Become my delirium
And I only let you
Make me believe I’m crazy

The tune you chanted
Like a delusional loon
Without exposure to
The deals God granted
Underneath your moon
In bottomless wells I landed
I refuse to partake
In your tune

Saying Farewell
To those on the crazy side
Almost made me cry

But letting you go
Only baffles me
For how fruitlessly
I tried

You want positivity
You seek balance
You want thoughts
To be flowery
Because you fall
As you stand

You killed me
So very subtly
With a smile
Always winning me
But you change
When you feel deeply
You constantly
And senselessly
Damage me
Pinning me

Bidding Adieu
To those on my crazy side
Can make me cry

But I can let you go
Because you can easily turn
When I unconditionally
Waded in your tides.