I Always Wait For You

“I Always Wait For You”
I was understood 

Wrapped by you


I was striving with you

Seeing your peace

Loved like love was true

Close to feeling sadness cease.

Then you transported 

To some other place

A time that had me 


As I memorized 

Your face.

Seems you can’t return

To where we were

Your planet orbits around

Other concerns 

And just like you,

You want them all heard.

It’s funny I’ve tried

To forget you

Thought I could 

Regret you

But I’d wait eons

For you to come through.

You were a constant star

A wish from God

You’d never be a scar

You made me less odd 

You were inspired sermons 

Without reason to twist words 

Your heart made me

A tenant 

You never forsook me

To herds.

Then you sought matrimony

And circles of friends

I only exist immorally 

My invites are dead ends

You admit to never feel

What kept me here

His ring will never feel

How my heart rings you dear.

It’s funny I have to

Forget you

It’s easier to heartlessly

Regret you

But I wait outside

And run to you

Like you’re true.

Once upon a time

I watercolored your tears 

Our hours and blood rhymed

We never imagined fear.

When the page turned

You were too full for me 

Though fairytales burn

I break on those days

Without a role for me.

But my seconds could never

Forget you

Your grace won’t let me

Regret you

I may smile

And keep it a secret

But I always wait

For you.


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