Before You’ll Never Land

For Eric

It’s not easy
To say I’m crazy
I think my craze
Is why you can’t love me

It’s not easy
To feel we are free
Being bound to you
Had it’s beauties

I learned you
But knew you
I learned
Where I stand
But I love you

Dreams came true
My soul mate took my hand
But I had to save myself
Before you’ll never land

You’d never say I’m insane
But I saw you
Grow sick caught in my rain
Can you hear
Say you’re clouds and sun?

We’re unloved boys thrilled
As rainbows had begun

I saw you
I see you
I can’t understand
When I love you

A maze we strolled through
And woke in
Each other’s hands
But it’s time for through roads
Before you’ll never land

I apologize
Scientists have not made meds
So I can realize
The rage is in my head

Forgive me
I allowed emotion to rule me
You just tried to give me
A soul that won’t fool me

You’re flawed too
Professing love untrue
I’ll never understand
When I love you

But you love me
When you’re trimmed
From your ancient roots
You don’t plant seeds for me
When you bury our truth

It’s hurts so much
To see I scared you
I bring back tones
You can’t break through

It delights me
To know you’re so soft
But your charms
Are daily thoughts
With a cost.



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