You Caged Me

“You Caged Me”
I’m dying
For one oblivious of
What is true
I’m just laying
As I’m made less than love
Everything now feels untrue

Rage is a cage
I scream
With an ignored voice
The enlightenment I say
Still slays me
with no worth
To be a choice

I’ve been forgiving
For there’s no life
Without him
There was always room
For him to lay

But forgetting
Summer blossoms
Are mindlessly trimmed
I’m surrounded by petals
Now decayed

I was born
Too free for a cage
I’m too loving
To scream acid

And I’m more
Than all I gave

You only presume
you’ve learned
How to freely live

You’ve drawn my routes
As to how to embrace you
But I saw too much
In my youth
And I can embrace
Our suppressed truth

If you can’t face
Our truth?
And you still want my love
Inside a cage?

See, I saw love soar
Without inhibition
In my youth

And I can’t stay
Long enough
To show you
Out of your cage

I’m on the outskirts
To be free
Of dreams you’re trapped in

I can also set free
And forgive love
You caged me within.



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