You put your spotlight on me

Then flicked off my shine

In a hurry 
If I were caught in a tree

You’d still have to be home

And still scurry
Now you don’t see why I cry

The puppet has too many strings
If I yell as I cry

You want my screams changed

Into songs you can sweetly sing
Once elated

Now downgraded 

You cannot be in tune

Because that’d be a sad tune
And when I sing in your name

Hunting you down 

Is a losing game
I used to be in your heart

Now I’m low

On your checklist 
If my hands and fingers came apart

They’d perfectly say,

We don’t coexist
If you had to see me die

You house enough warm bodies
But you’ve seen me die

You needed to sleep

I don’t know if you slept pretty
I am faded

And downgraded 

If you were to paint me

Your art would be buried
And when I create in your name

Your name reflects a killed flame
Everyone needs you

You can be their hero

But if I lost my way home

You’d let God let me go
There is not enough time

To pursue your true happiness
You can better survive your youth

If you sit still in your emptiness
And I hate it

Being downgraded 

If I rebirth your soul

You’d keep the cord you stole
And when I warmly melt the frozen

Fluid passion leaves frigidly broken.


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