Only Exist

“Only Exist”

Am I supposed to believe

In all of this?

How can a spirit die

And ever recapture bliss?
You seek to broaden horizons

But there’s always some rain

I can define myself by a storm

But defined too different is insane
I may always feel for you

When too much I’ve believed in

Was proven untrue
If faith in you had to die

I’d get closer to giving in

To a God

That fills hearts with lies 
How can I practice more faith?

I already gave my everything

I even came so close

To being a song you would sing
I leave you to your promise

But even my capsules can break

People can’t compare to psychiatry

Chemicals only balance 

the heartache
I may always love you

I want to commit to this belief

I owe too many gods IOU’s

You give faltering hearts relief
I may always love you

Your love was one dream

That came true…
I have to wake up now 

Get out of that state somehow

I need time to find some life

After our dream felt so right
Out there they only exist

Nostalgia of passion here persists

I wish you

A resilient metamorphosis

I simply dream

Of one last kiss
When I say I love you

I’ll try to say it subtly

I don’t want to keep you

From your full reality

But I will wonder hopefully

When you say you love me. 



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