Frozen Truth

“Frozen Truth”

There’s always two sides

To a story

Like growing smitten

With your halo

Then falling to the Devil

With your glory
There’s a prologue

There’s our sad end

Maybe we never began

But there was a Heaven

My vision began to bend
One minute I can remember

All I love about you

Then it’s a December 

When you froze what is true
One minute I can understand

That you have your nuptial reasons

But then I can barely stand 

If truth stays frozen for all seasons
I’ve learned fully

You’re imperfect

I recall when you were


There was no rainy day

You couldn’t dissect
Don’t think it’s easy

Watching myself fade

You must have already noticed

Letting me go could lead

My heart to jade
One minute I remember

All that I love within you 

I was the core member 

That pumped blood in you
Then you remind me clearly

I guess I had truly forgotten

That you’re not meant for me

But even snowmen would be smitten
I could have shared 

Since when was anything fully mine?

I know you care

I’ve learned heartbreak 

makes you unkind
I’m living both stories

I’m living our glory

But we both fall from grace

But in our summer

The only Heaven 

You worried about

Glowed all over my face
Don’t think I won’t remember

All I love about you

You make it again our summer

When one day is about you
Don’t think I can’t decipher

Falling into me was never planned

I guess I can sadly remember 

People let me go because they can.


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