“How to Heal”

I only know how to heal

If I’m casted aside

As I plead and kneel
I gave you my life

Yours outgrew me

My breath feels the knife
Give me a hand

Push my heart away

I know you can stand

Ignore my tears as I lay
Please understand

I only know to move on

If you take your hand

And force yourself gone
I’ve only been a handful

You’ll be at peace

Your lover will be grateful
I’m now beyond understanding

You long to see me

But you see a dead body standing
Give me a lift

Throw me out of your car

Make a shift

Let me find home beneath the stars
You gave me gifts

You know how to rob me

But pain can sift

If I know you forgot me
You can’t undo my curse

Being irrationally loved

Then never nursed
Say we both made a mistake

I was not yours

You were not mine

To ever adulterously take
If I take your hand

My heart will remain unglued

Time is like sand 

As I wade in the ocean blue
You cannot kiss my hand

If you will not immerse yourself

I know how to land

If you leave me to clip myself.


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