It was a sleepless night in a narrow psych ward. The other loons were medicated and fast sleep. I felt energized and creative, as well as desperate to pen my latest raging emotions on paper. I left my journal at home. So, I asked the night staff for any paper and writing utensil they could let me use in my small hospital bed. 
I wrote like the wind about a certain heroic loved one whom I’ve been on a poignant journey with. I saved the two poems I wrote till today to share with him, on the first day I can hold him upon my first day of freedom. 

“Loving Superheroes”
A superhero saved me

A superhero loves me

A superhero ponders me

When he wants to lay his cape down
A superhero gave me

All that I ever longed for

Then this superhero longed for me

And the boy beneath the hero

Cried his weakest sounds
A superhero

Is just a boy

Who thinks by saving my boy

He can repair

His human pain
I learned of the confusion

In the day of a superhero

And he became confused about me 

When his desperation can’t let go
But he is still the hero

That loves me beyond human limits

And I too will never let go

Of his power on my boyish spirit
My superhero

Is a boy

Who dreams

Like a dreamer boy

His strong body

Can preserve his magic 
I am swarming

In a well of human emotions

I am crying

I have immersed into his oceans
But a superhero works from faith

In magic creating life 

Bigger than our well
Now I know I can be saved

My hero is still the boy that loves me

Through my Hell
A boy envisioned

A superhero

He grew into a man 

Who won’t let go

But he can treasure me 

And he shut down

Like a bird sacrifices his voice

In my meltdowns

He learned freedom is a choice
So our neglected boys

Learn in our hearts

That loving superheroes

Uplift us 
And corners we’re painted in

From the sad start

Turn into feelings 

Those voids in our boys can trust
I watch my hero find his magic

Life was once hopelessly tragic

But we felt a heroic vision 

As it saved two boys.

“Life To Give”
Wishing for your caress

In a madhouse

Could make me mad

But my heart is glad

You are not nearly as mad
You always make me feel

Like my thoughts are real

You remind me I am blessed

Like I’m not imagining

Your caress
I know when you can’t

Predict the forecast

You can’t prepare

For my tornadoes

I’m sorry if my sharp words will last

But you bring an oasis

And your breezes overjoy my toes 
You see me in an asylum

You still caress me

You are the only soul

Who fathoms my soul

Can’t always be whole
I know you wish

You could clear my mind

Of chatter and clutter

Getting in my way
I’m sorry when I erupt

I am too unkind

But your eyes are so meditative

Your grace is like a psalm

About the Way
You always make me see

A crystalline reality

You remind me I am loved

Like love is not something I made up
I know you must come and go

You can’t be my reason to live

I’m sorry I don’t have a casual flow

But when we’re intertwined

I can feel I have much life to give.


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