Prince Daniel

“Prince Daniel”

The world’s miracle 

Is unveiled 

to a Prince’s dazzled eyes
If my father was charming like his

My heart would constantly

Touch the skies
To be loved enough

To have stars to wish on

He holds twilight

Through dawn 

with a perseverant song
And he sees waters rise

Illuminated by glorious light

Purity beheld only in his eyes

Loneliness does not exist at night
The Prince captures every wonder

With the eyes

Of a brilliant outsider
When his nurturer is an artist

The Prince feels creation’s bliss
To be embraced enough

That you’re carried to reach beauty

He will blossom with each detail

That commoners will only hail
He sees waters rise

Like sufferers are baptized

He believes all is crystal clear

Even the sense in childhood tears
When you see life

Through the eyes of this Prince

Life is pure
For a maddening world

In the eyes of a pure Prince

Is the cure
Just let waters rise

And shower your broken heart

Light like love renders life purified 

The Prince knows 

Where the healing starts.


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