“On the Same Page” Some days you ponder our love Some days you don’t Some days my sun rises bright Some days it won’t You want to end our chapter And we’re trying to heal I cry through all my laughter As you know how not to feel We’re not on the same page Fireflies burn out from rage I made it through the last maze Because we were on the same page Your life is full and busy Your life is warm enough You only reach out to me For my desolate love How do you fall out of love? Why am I still waiting? What more powerful force do you think of? Why is it so distracting? Won’t you read the page I read? To be one with you is all I need You burn out fireflies with rage When we’re not on the same page I know you need to breathe After all our intensity But every time you leave You still intensely effect me Show me how you can escape The overtaking heartbreak My happy pills won’t take You’re too pretty For my thoughts to escape Go and compose your own page Our love song will still never age I hold to you each second of the day I feel underneath you’re on the same page.



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