Grown Up Pain

“Grown Up Pain”

I was free 

As a boy who could love

Any man I daydream of

Now I run the risk of

Grown up pain I’m being made of

I was free 

To save the desperate

We’d suffer sunsets

But my preaching never sets

Me free from how bad it gets

But I must rise

Clouded by wet eyes

I must live willingly

As life dwindles me

I was free

To think with a clear mind

But people become unkind

My faith starves for signs

Of how to forgive 

And stay blind

I was free

To dream I could become great

But it’s getting to be too late 

Interjections like scars

Boxed me inside hate

I’m merely what fate forsakes

I must learn that skies

Can clear up despite students lies

Wings have to be eternal 

As mothers can abandon 

Being maternal

Bound to confusion

Of swift abandonment

By Earth’s once pure Heaven…

A boy cries in my shoulders

I’ve learned we’ll always cry

With less shoulders to cry into

I am glued but faith flies 

But I must weep

So my spirit can be released to sleep

We can be dangerously free

Yet lose hope and build prisons

But they cannot just be.


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