“If I Love Myself”
Lyrics by Daniel Garcia

When you call me Beautiful
I don’t wholly believe you
But when I see your beauty
I want to relieve you

I’ve never been a part of nature
That others muse on
I’ve only been inspired enough
To compose abused songs

Though each bruise
Is an unforgettable note
I always sing when I’m afraid
You wrote a song
That flows like a sail boat
And you sing about me
In such a hopeful way

If I love myself enough
I can grow to be as beautiful
As I am in your eyes
I’ve realized I don’t know love
I just know desperation of my soul
But you use my beauty
To open my eyes

I don’t trust others view of beauty
I transcend their definition
But when you bring me the trees
I’m beautiful following sweet sensation

I wasn’t raised to pray amidst flowers
But I blossomed, even with thorns
I’ve stared at my plucked petals
For hours
To know the beauty if I wasn’t born

Hold me beneath our trees
Forever in our truth
I don’t want to leave your arms
Because I fear
How I can forget there are men
Who taste like sky blue
You could show how to keep
God near and dear

If I love myself enough
You’d see a garden in my soul
That you can escape to
I’ve realized love surpasses men
And not every man fully learns
But I feel it in this bench with you

You spoke of my physical beauty
And also called my softness beautiful
When it’s amazing my softness
Still whispers
And broken chemistry can be soulful

And when you softly told me
You love me
I could not deny the I still have faith
For all I worked to disbelieve in
Lives in a heart grander
than a California day

If I love myself enough
I will know I was born
to feel too much
To know how to love you enough
Enough love is like a four leaf clover
The luck begins with a healing touch
Kissing away the debris
Of a rough touch.

“Insane Truth”
By Daniel Garcia

I can’t meet you
I’ll only get hurt
When I scare you away
instilling fear is my worth

You’ll never face me
Till it hurts too much to see you
And the words you won’t speak
Make the Devil feel so true

Strangers gravitated
To share their first connect
Like broken children
Longing for a completing outlet

But when you’re strangers no more
Familiar aims shoot you with fear
You can drive the world away
Wondering why no one feels near

The times I greet you
You appear to be so harmless
But the times I know you
Your damage makes me so worthless

But you’ll never face me
You’ll say your madness detains you
I recall when you’d take me
I ignored your insane truth

Old souls gravitated
To feel the love of zealous youth
Like turning back time
It was a high ignoring the truth

But when I wisened up about you
I was crippled by blindness I had
I could no longer see whom I love
Only tracking all that drove me mad

I wished I could fade you
How you so easily faded me
As I look a little like you
So I can feel you’ve hated me

I hate myself plenty too
But I wish your mirror was strong
As mine
But I understand chipping truth
Chipping in secret makes you
So unkind

Broken hearts gravitated
The delusion made us feel whole
We could fall from our joy
Your temper crashed into my soul

Though my heart falls into angry hands
Anger never quite drowned my sore sadness
But my confused mind can understand
Anger says how desperate you are for happiness.