My Last Love


-Daniel Garcia-

I’m in love with death

Only death embraces me unconditionally

Death, my only success

This universe has demonstrated

Time and time again

That my complications

Overwhelm more than 

the seven seas

Not even a shallow end

Will be open to me

Immersing myself

Seasonal faces

Haunt me

And stir a storm

Centuries after the season

Has been bolted in my soul of decay

Living is a manipulation

Leading me to have faith

In the notion that a childhood season

Would surely lead into more

Than just an ending

Of a maternal fairytale

I’ve been banished

From the queen’s kingdom

As I mirror a street rat

Who never hears “I love you”

From the matriarch

Who taught me how to love

So I fell in love with death

Death had alluring reasoning

Claiming it was inevitable

Suicideology, my saving grace

It keeps me from the claustrophobic sense

That I dwell in an insurmountable 


I’ve pierced death enough

With my fantasizing eyes

That I can recognize

It’s just an escape

And not my ideal destination

I’m a manchild

Who has yet to fulfill a potential

The matriarch embedded in me

And curiousity overcomes me

And I know

In my heart of hearts

Death is not my last love!


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