Hypoglycemic Connections

“Hypoglycemic Connections”

-Daniel Garcia-

She’s been suppressing her tears

For damn near forty years

There was so much to cry about

Not even a Catholic 

could dry her tears

Her father found a better family

Her first born’s father favored drugs

Then her first born was cursed

With a lifetime of ailments

And she was drained

Of her once inherent desire

To care

So now I cry the tears she cried

When her mother was gone 

When I’m convinced I’m dead

I’m reminded of 

My overwhelming vitality

When I cry endlessly

Purging pain has a way

Of reminding me 

I’m alive

But she took her tears

And watered only the bitterness

And incisions sprouted

I bleed profusely from being cut

She taught me 

How to flourish 

The poisonous seeds

And now my fruits

Are dying

One by one

So slowly

I mourn the sugar

Every jaded second

As I engage in

Hypoglycemic connections

And my soul is starving

And simultaneously

And ironically

Is insatiable

For she was not cloned

And I’m facing the possibility

I may never unearth her again

But I believe

There could be a god

That could guide me

To the sweetness

I’ve always inherently possessed

I just must search

For the Way

That is synergetic with me 

Like a wing,

Or words,

That won’t break my spine

And one citrusy day,

I’ll be wholly grateful

For the countless times

And strategic ways

This life fractured my wings


And recapturing my radiance

Will heal me

So miraculously 

My spirit will be revived

And evolve

To defy

Each bitter, 


poisonous memory

And my broken history

Will cease

To dictate

My present sights

And her tears

Will cease 

To drown me.


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