Angel Mannequin

“Angel Mannaquein”

By Daniel Garcia

A man

Who loves men

Can love a woman

And sometimes forget things

Like he was first captured

By this stunning lady

In a mad house

And how it might be ugly

That she is certifiably mad

Yet we’ve synergy

We’ve sparkling chemistry

First because we could

Carry one another,


With the last strand

Of our cores 


By our madness

Then the spells unraveled

Holding her captive

And I couldn’t reach her

When her well

Made me her feel safe

And I felt like I dangled

Without landing

Beside the one heart

Fractured like my own 

But the glisten

The radiance

Were forced 

Like an angel 

That was truly a Mannaquein 

With only limbs 

For the colors

That camouflaged convincingly

Her insatiable, endless indulgence

In the Hell

She independently produced,

When I was raised

With a passive obsession 

With Heaven

The angel Mannaquein 

Took exquisite pictures

Casting a spell,

Reviving prospects

For humbled visual art.

She said I had an eye

Her speaking from her grandiose flair

Melted my self-love

She embraced suicide

And killed her own spirit

She was faithless

Void of fervor

And emptied of concern

For how I desperately 

Needed her touch

When my instability 

Is too loud

For my weak mind

How can Hell

Bring me yet one more victim

In the manifestation

Of one of Heaven’s 

Warmest angels?

A gay man discovers his lady

Is too tortured to love him,

Like Heaven refuses 

To complete the skies.

Suddenly he knows precisely

A heart broken

In God’s image.


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