Inspired Witness

“Inspired Witness”

By Daniel Garcia

I’m stronger than before

I’ve gained an insight

Into why you ever shattered me

My insight resembles

The sight

Of angel dust

Sprinkled all about poison

Bodies exhaust 

And a man boy

Fumes with confusion

Over a sacrifice 

And a shutdown 

Of reminders of love

So I lashed out,


Even casted my own daggers,

But my wrath shut me down too,

And I plummeted 

Into an existence

I resoundingly cried to escape

All God could hear

Was my resilient history,

My innate adoration

For His creations,

My desperation to comprehend,

And finally,

My essential need

To forgive

Still I scream, “Mommy!”

When the world reminds me

How underserving I am

Of any human kindness

Nor any equal justice

And when the world casts me aside

I remember how Mommy

Returned my worth,

My whole heart, 

And my souls wings

To fly again,

I must support

The logic behind

Why mommy needed to fly away

Despite her gorgeously winged soul

I must notice fairness 

In why she was only

A human,

A woman who was 

Just a hurt girl.

And if I can recognize

These liberating truths

This hurt boy

Can fly again

When I tried to fly,

As an evolving sheltered boy,

I lacked direction,

My crazed hyper mind

Failed to focus

On any thriving path,

But I defended 

And fought at war

For every wreckage,

Like irrational wrongs

Were somehow divine interventions

But bodies exhaust, 

Especially when the divine

Is in reality

One more stay 

At the asylum

Without any healing

Ever achieved in years.

And so mommy’s magic

Burnt out

In the wake of empty rooms,

I cry to myself

Over losses

Triggered by incurable insanity,

Such as trauma

That deprived mommy 

Of the tools 

That could radically renovate

My starved destiny,

And they’d creep

In her defensive essence,

Leading her to unconditionally

Embrace my vivid wreckage

Because I’m the sickly boy

She instilled with sheer love

For God’s creations

But fluttering to return

To reality as it is

For what it is,

I’m surviving

The shattering

Of my identity 

Because I was an inspired witness

And follower

Of the most graceful survivor,

My persistent, determined, soaring,

And beautifully human monarch,

And lone reed mommy.


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