Runaways (poetry & photo journal)


By. Daniel Garcia

I run away

From the mad

From being maddened

The clearheaded are oblivious

To the drive

Insanity gives desperate minds

To land 

On a therapeutic shore

People whom transcend asylums

Seem carefree.

They’re like storybook achievers 

Of security

And serenity,

Successors of a non-traumatic life,

And the formulation 

Of thoughts free of clutter, confusion,

And endless hunger.

They seem ideal, 

And yet so unreal.

I abandon my culture,

And my mother showed me

How to abandon

Loved ones 

Out of fear,

But I can’t seem to undo

My attachment to my thoughts

And my chaotic bind

To my emotional imbalance.

When I can’t run,

I offer an embrace,

And I breathe

Ever so slowly

Through the discomfort

Of the reality

I know I can learn to love

With a focus

On the inspired

And celebratory

An imprisoning mind

Typically hides,

Like a treasure.

Barely escaping

My turbulent youth

I find that I’m less

Running towards an end,

An erasing of all


And tormenting words,

Like chasing after the following,

Less ominous morning.

Souls and hearts

Run far away

From one another

As to avoid


And involved triggers.

When love was present,

It was just another escape

For him to run away 

From the dogs

That did not sleep all night 

But rather drove him crazy

With hostility

And suicideology.

Love was running away 

From his ancient demons.

Ultimately, we’re all runaways,

Catapulting out of ourselves,

Our locked cages.

We aspire to relocate,

Like a new feeling,

Such as numbness.


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