Never Soar

“Never Soar”

It was the two of us

We faced the world

We faced death together

Then a new life came

Suddenly God was present

And I wrote death letters

It was the three of us

The world would invade us

I hid my brain cells that cried

Then I found virgin love

He was all I was consumed of

I could only hear screams inside

Til emotions could be heard

From all angles

And life’s purpose was aimed

At Heaven’s angels

And I’ve been dying

Since my emotions poured 

I may be the only pheonix

That will never soar

It was just God and I

He asked me to look at his sky

He said it’s too deep to fall through

Still I swallowed too many tears

Strong men could see I’ve no fear

And not even love pulls you through

It’s the world and I 

Maybe I will never be realized

It’s message brings tears to my eyes

When I’ve loved many wrong men

My mother was the most defective

Walking away with my reason to live

Now I feel no love to give 

Til emotions could be heard

From all angles

And life’s purpose was aimed

At Heaven’s angels

And I’ve been dying

Since my emotions poured 

I may be the only pheonix

That will never soar

No one can reach out

No one can love me

The way I need to be loved

Life seems to be about

Finding the twinkle

That brings your eyes bliss

Till the day they open above

Til emotions could be heard

From all angles

And life’s purpose was aimed

At Heaven’s angels

And I’ve been dying

Since my emotions poured 

I may be the only pheonix

That will never soar.


My Last Love


-Daniel Garcia-

I’m in love with death

Only death embraces me unconditionally

Death, my only success

This universe has demonstrated

Time and time again

That my complications

Overwhelm more than 

the seven seas

Not even a shallow end

Will be open to me

Immersing myself

Seasonal faces

Haunt me

And stir a storm

Centuries after the season

Has been bolted in my soul of decay

Living is a manipulation

Leading me to have faith

In the notion that a childhood season

Would surely lead into more

Than just an ending

Of a maternal fairytale

I’ve been banished

From the queen’s kingdom

As I mirror a street rat

Who never hears “I love you”

From the matriarch

Who taught me how to love

So I fell in love with death

Death had alluring reasoning

Claiming it was inevitable

Suicideology, my saving grace

It keeps me from the claustrophobic sense

That I dwell in an insurmountable 


I’ve pierced death enough

With my fantasizing eyes

That I can recognize

It’s just an escape

And not my ideal destination

I’m a manchild

Who has yet to fulfill a potential

The matriarch embedded in me

And curiousity overcomes me

And I know

In my heart of hearts

Death is not my last love!

Hypoglycemic Connections

“Hypoglycemic Connections”

-Daniel Garcia-

She’s been suppressing her tears

For damn near forty years

There was so much to cry about

Not even a Catholic 

could dry her tears

Her father found a better family

Her first born’s father favored drugs

Then her first born was cursed

With a lifetime of ailments

And she was drained

Of her once inherent desire

To care

So now I cry the tears she cried

When her mother was gone 

When I’m convinced I’m dead

I’m reminded of 

My overwhelming vitality

When I cry endlessly

Purging pain has a way

Of reminding me 

I’m alive

But she took her tears

And watered only the bitterness

And incisions sprouted

I bleed profusely from being cut

She taught me 

How to flourish 

The poisonous seeds

And now my fruits

Are dying

One by one

So slowly

I mourn the sugar

Every jaded second

As I engage in

Hypoglycemic connections

And my soul is starving

And simultaneously

And ironically

Is insatiable

For she was not cloned

And I’m facing the possibility

I may never unearth her again

But I believe

There could be a god

That could guide me

To the sweetness

I’ve always inherently possessed

I just must search

For the Way

That is synergetic with me 

Like a wing,

Or words,

That won’t break my spine

And one citrusy day,

I’ll be wholly grateful

For the countless times

And strategic ways

This life fractured my wings


And recapturing my radiance

Will heal me

So miraculously 

My spirit will be revived

And evolve

To defy

Each bitter, 


poisonous memory

And my broken history

Will cease

To dictate

My present sights

And her tears

Will cease 

To drown me.

Angel Mannequin

“Angel Mannaquein”

By Daniel Garcia

A man

Who loves men

Can love a woman

And sometimes forget things

Like he was first captured

By this stunning lady

In a mad house

And how it might be ugly

That she is certifiably mad

Yet we’ve synergy

We’ve sparkling chemistry

First because we could

Carry one another,


With the last strand

Of our cores 


By our madness

Then the spells unraveled

Holding her captive

And I couldn’t reach her

When her well

Made me her feel safe

And I felt like I dangled

Without landing

Beside the one heart

Fractured like my own 

But the glisten

The radiance

Were forced 

Like an angel 

That was truly a Mannaquein 

With only limbs 

For the colors

That camouflaged convincingly

Her insatiable, endless indulgence

In the Hell

She independently produced,

When I was raised

With a passive obsession 

With Heaven

The angel Mannaquein 

Took exquisite pictures

Casting a spell,

Reviving prospects

For humbled visual art.

She said I had an eye

Her speaking from her grandiose flair

Melted my self-love

She embraced suicide

And killed her own spirit

She was faithless

Void of fervor

And emptied of concern

For how I desperately 

Needed her touch

When my instability 

Is too loud

For my weak mind

How can Hell

Bring me yet one more victim

In the manifestation

Of one of Heaven’s 

Warmest angels?

A gay man discovers his lady

Is too tortured to love him,

Like Heaven refuses 

To complete the skies.

Suddenly he knows precisely

A heart broken

In God’s image.

Inspired Witness

“Inspired Witness”

By Daniel Garcia

I’m stronger than before

I’ve gained an insight

Into why you ever shattered me

My insight resembles

The sight

Of angel dust

Sprinkled all about poison

Bodies exhaust 

And a man boy

Fumes with confusion

Over a sacrifice 

And a shutdown 

Of reminders of love

So I lashed out,


Even casted my own daggers,

But my wrath shut me down too,

And I plummeted 

Into an existence

I resoundingly cried to escape

All God could hear

Was my resilient history,

My innate adoration

For His creations,

My desperation to comprehend,

And finally,

My essential need

To forgive

Still I scream, “Mommy!”

When the world reminds me

How underserving I am

Of any human kindness

Nor any equal justice

And when the world casts me aside

I remember how Mommy

Returned my worth,

My whole heart, 

And my souls wings

To fly again,

I must support

The logic behind

Why mommy needed to fly away

Despite her gorgeously winged soul

I must notice fairness 

In why she was only

A human,

A woman who was 

Just a hurt girl.

And if I can recognize

These liberating truths

This hurt boy

Can fly again

When I tried to fly,

As an evolving sheltered boy,

I lacked direction,

My crazed hyper mind

Failed to focus

On any thriving path,

But I defended 

And fought at war

For every wreckage,

Like irrational wrongs

Were somehow divine interventions

But bodies exhaust, 

Especially when the divine

Is in reality

One more stay 

At the asylum

Without any healing

Ever achieved in years.

And so mommy’s magic

Burnt out

In the wake of empty rooms,

I cry to myself

Over losses

Triggered by incurable insanity,

Such as trauma

That deprived mommy 

Of the tools 

That could radically renovate

My starved destiny,

And they’d creep

In her defensive essence,

Leading her to unconditionally

Embrace my vivid wreckage

Because I’m the sickly boy

She instilled with sheer love

For God’s creations

But fluttering to return

To reality as it is

For what it is,

I’m surviving

The shattering

Of my identity 

Because I was an inspired witness

And follower

Of the most graceful survivor,

My persistent, determined, soaring,

And beautifully human monarch,

And lone reed mommy.