Amber and Other Colors

“Amber and Other Colors”

Suddenly I wanted to live
And a rainbow appeared
Like all the broken pieces
Were nothing to fear

And I made a mark
On someone’s stormy heart
Her teary smiles were free
Til they just let me go

They’re colors of my soul
And they made me feel whole
And they let me forget
What didn’t survive the last sunset

She made me question myself
Do I shatter everything?
Or did she just slip away?
Or is it the matter of anything?

It’s the meaningless
That shatters everything
Like age can break how high
A growing boy can sing

Coffee with the crazies
Is part of my life’s lease
And losing in the storm
Is part of being born torn

When they discover
My darkest colors
I can seem so threatening
As human kindness is lessening

My bright colors go extinct
Grotesque hues are my instinct
I watch her shine for others
As I pale without a mother.



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