Lord Buddha

I come from where souls rest in peace
Then I succumbed to this frenzied life
Where the speed of light must be seized
And cheat sheets tempt every sight…

And I worry….
I may not make it home tonight
As everyone’s in a hurry
They all forget my shinning light

And I need you, Lord Buddha
Like lakes need the seas
Where the dealers and healers
All need the same breeze
The traffic alienates me
I belong to you
And I love you, Lord Buddha
And really need you

I went to my premature end
I ended up flying away
All my senses cried for Heaven
And I was blessed with a new day…

And I worry…
I may never feel like living
As my death is in a fury
Heaven can be so addicting

Repeat Refrain

We all need to run
From the violence
But what would this world do
With our absence?

We inject, we intake
Cures for our fears
When we can taste
The morals in our tears…

Repeat Refrain



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