-Daniel Garcia-

I feel my touch is dead
But I’m nervously alive
Every day is filled with dread
My spirit has imbalanced light

I’m being abandoned
By the queen of my heart
A life without a goddess
Makes me starve
For gods with an art

It hurts being me
Suffocating those seeing me
Until the mad cocoon lets me go
And my wounds swallow a rainbow

But gods are judgmental
And they’re deaf to certain tones
And so I’m just waiting
To be set free
from my skin and bones

And sometimes I reach a place
Where peace is not just a mental state
But as tangible as my tears
As lessons are never too late

I am ready for my freedom
Ready for the ocean to wash me up
I am ready to own myself
To own each rose color
I drank from my cup

And next time someone hurts me
For being me
My hurt will fill my cup

It hurt being me
Suffocated those seeing me
Now the mad cocoon
is letting me go
My wounds swallow a rainbow!


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