You were my soul mate
In this universe
Where only souls of the sun
Felt safe enough to mate
Because the violet rays
Kept tokens of love alive,
Like three vases of
Continually replenished flowers

And we kept each other alive
In a cold, militant war zone,
Bombed by dysfunctional,
Destructive, broken boys

We escaped to isolation
Under the guise of togetherness
But your childhood wars
Haunted you

You resented
My unconditional matriarch
And placed the blame
Of all your old monsters
On my limitation,
Never owning your INSTABILITY

Your bright soul burned me
You weeped for my forgiveness
But never embraced your light

I had to run
After my love of Heaven and serenity

Now I gaze at the moon and stars
And make a wish
That you and serenity
Will soon meet
So that you don’t scare away
Another soul of the sun

I will forgive you….



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