In LA, Geppetto was kinder and more at peace, mostly because he had his AA support. As we settled in Nebraska, he sensed isolation and grew depressed. That depression resulted in him being verbally and mentally abusive towards me.
Eventually, I told him I’d leave him if he didn’t get therapy. See, he was sober, but he’d never addressed all the traumatic issues that led him to drink in the first place. He possessed such hostility and anger, which was projected onto me.
When he refused to get therapy, I told him I’d call my mother to get me. He threatened to have me arrested for trespassing if I didn’t go back to California with him. He threw all my stuff in the second bedroom without a bed to sleep in. For days, I felt like a petrified hostage, not knowing what my rights were in Nebraska. 
Then, I called a Domestic Violence Center and inquired about my predicament. They told me he legally could not get me for trespassing because he invited me to live there with him, and because I officially used the Nebraska address at the post office. 
With that information, I told him I’d leave on the Greyhound. So, he called the police. The deputies came to the cabin and told him he could not just kick me out like that, nor have me arrested. But when I explained how abusive he’d become, they offered me free shelter in a Super 8 motel, as I long as I could pay my way to California starting the next day. 
So my mom paid for my taxi from the motel to the Greyhound Bus Station. Then she paid for my bus ticket. I traveled for three days, with my mania keeping me up for two of those nights.
When I got into LA, I checked into a psych ward, citing situational depression, trauma, and homelessness. I was stuck in there for three weeks, until they placed me in a board and care.
I’m attending the outpatient program at the hospital, along with a Bipolar support group some evenings. I’m working on my depression and my issues revolving around abuse, such as why I attract abusers, and my childhood abuse. 
There, now that I’ve caught you up to date, can you please explain to me why you disappeared from my life?


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